Great news everyone! We will be offering a picnic style outdoor patio dining experience beginning this Wednesday, June 10th at 12:00pm.


We have put a lot of thought and effort into creating a safe environment for both you and our staff. We want you all to have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience in this incredible space that we have created for you. However, we are going to do things a little different for the next few weeks while we slowly transition to the next phase.


For now, here are the rules and guidelines that we would like you to follow:


1. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED (or call ahead) there is no waiting area so please arrive as close to your reservation time as possible.


2. CALL WHEN YOU ARRIVE. Please give us a call when your entire party has arrived for your reservation. We would like to seat your party together at one time.


3. WEAR YOUR MASK. You must arrive with a mask on. This is for The safety of your party as well as our staff. You may remove your mask to eat and drink at your table. If you leave your table, please put your mask back on before you do.


4. WASH YOUR HANDS. We ask that you use hand the sanitizer when provided to you and use our facilities to wash your hands.


5. WHERE TO GO. We will be using our outdoor patio located on the function side of the building. You may enter through the side patio entrance to the right of the portico (by the fountain). The bathrooms can be accessed from the patio where you will be seated.


6. RESTAURANT ENTRANCE. Please do not enter the restaurant when you arrive. The restaurant entrance is for take out and care package pick ups. Please do not proceed to the patio without a staff member to escort you. We will be using a different patio than you are used to so please be patient and wait for us to help you :-)


7. ORDERING FOOD. Your server will take your order. Please be patient as we have a long journey from the kitchen to the patio and if you are in a rush, you can call your order in from your phone as well.


8. PEAK HOURS. In order to avoid longer wait times during peak hours, it is recommended that you place view our menu prior to your reservation time. We are allocating 90 minutes per reservation and we ask that you keep this in mind. In order to make this the most relaxing and stress-free experience, please feel free to call ahead and ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable.


9. DRINKS. Alcohol & Beverage orders can be placed through your server. You cannot go to the bar to order your own drinks at this time.


9. OUTDOOR DINING. Our outdoor dining space has been power washed, landscaped and professionally treated for mosquitos and various other insects. Unlike many other establishments, we have offered an outdoor dining experience for many years now and we know that there are sacrifices in comfort to be made in order to enjoy your outdoor experience. We try every year but we can never remove every bug that comes our way, we cannot make the temperature cooler, warmer or more comfortable than it is, we cannot prevent rain and humidity or guarantee that the sun will be in the right spot, so for all of these reasons, we ask that you arrive prepared, with sun screen, bug spray, sunglasses, a sweater or jacket and/ or a hat. We have set up our outdoor space in the safest way possible providing shade with umbrellas as well as the height of our two story building casting its shadow over our beautiful outdoor wedding space that we are opening up to all of you! Please be mindful that furniture is placed everywhere for a reason and we ask that you do not move anything around without permission.


10. FINALLY, we know you will all have many questions when you arrive and see what’s been going on at Primavera while you have all been away. We had just about finished our renovations completing Stellas Grand Ballroom just before covid-19 took its toll on our business. We couldn’t just sit around and wait with no events filling up our function rooms and patios so we have been making small efforts over the last few months to bring the renovations to a completion. We have started a couple other projects too... We want to offer the ultimate experience when it’s time to return to the “new normal” and we are crafting the perfect place for you all to gather safely!


We CANNOT WAIT to see you all! We miss you all so much! Your support throughout these last few months has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you all so much!



The Primavera Team


Come try our Rustic Italian Cusine offering a blend of traditional Italian and bistro style dishes. Mamma Maria’s “rustic” handmade orrechiette, delicately crimped ravioli, fork tined gnocchi, slowly simmered plum tomato sauce, and hearty focaccia bread are just a few of the authentic dishes you’ll find.





Please come inside, let us know what you need and how many people you are feeding. We ask that you stand on an “X” and wait to be helped. We will grab what you need and send you on your way, no questions asked. We typically leave our door propped open, but if it is closed, just give us a call and we can prop it open for you.




Please give us a call to place your take-out orders. We have a limited staff available to answer our phones and take orders so please be patient with us. To reduce contact, we are trying to accept payments over the phone, however, the process can take a bit longer. If you are put on hold, please do not hang up as you are placed in a queue. We have five phone lines so you could be waiting 10-15 minutes to place your order. If you hang up and call back, we will have to place you on hold and your call will be answered in the order it was received.


When you place your order, we will ask you if you will be paying with cash or credit. We appreciate that if you are paying with a debit or credit card that you give us the payment over the phone to reduce contact. If the person picking up or paying for the order is not with you, they can call from outside to pay for the order and we can bring it out to them when it is ready.


When you arrive to pick up your order:




When you arrive, give us a call when you are outside if your order is already paid for. Please note that when you call, we cannot see the parking lot and will not be able to see your vehicle until we come outside. If you order is ready, we will ask you to pull up to the green awning where we will bring your order out. If your trunk is not open, we will leave the order on a chair by the door. We are not allowed to touch your car so please be patient with us.



(If the door is not open, sanitizer is available inside in-between the pick-up and cash-out windows).


When you come in, let us know you are here to pick up a take-out order. We will ask for your first and last name and put your order in the pick-up window for you to grab and go. If it is not ready, we will ask what make and model your vehicle is and we will bring it out to you when it is ready.


Thank you all so much for your understanding through this difficult time. We will get through this together :)


To All Of Our Event Clients:


We are so sad to not be able to do what we do best at the present time. We understand your frustration and we hope to be able to sort through everything with you very soon. Please be patient with us while we go through all of your emails and voicemails. We are waiting for more information and we are not ignoring you. If you have concerns about your event due to Covid – 19, please email us your plans so we can figure out how to accommodate you. We hope to see you all again soon.


Thank you from the Primavera Team




20 Pleasant Street

Millis, MA 02054