Mamma Maria was our matriarch who taught us by example to always help others. She inspired our Mamma Maria Care Program established to honor her legacy.

Mamma Maria made everything from scratch, homemade and handmade and always infused with love.

Launched in March 2020, the program’s goal was to provide meals to front line essential workers, seniors and families hit hard by the pandemic. Designed as a pay-it-forward program it allowed donors to fund meals for those less fortunate.  Our donors became known as “Angels” who funded homemade meals that provided nutrition, love, support and encouragement to families, our staff, as well as to donors and our community.

We became a community – a network of people helping people.

Primavera’s Chef’s kept busy preparing meals funded by Angels and delivered by Angel volunteers to our frontline heroes who inspired us, lifted our spirits and provided hope in the promise of “better days ahead.”

We saw firsthand the good we can accomplish through tiny acts of kindness.

Day after day, week after week, donations came in the form of food supplies, money, volunteer efforts and we literally provided thousands of meals and touched countless hearts and lifted the spirits of our entire team.

What is a Care Package?

Mamma Maria’s Care Packages are Take & Go Meals intended for families undergoing cancer treatment.

Based on recipes inspired by the American Institute for Cancer Research, our entrees are made with love and include an entrée served over pasta, accompanied with a with fresh garden salad, and freshly made bread. Perfect for lunch or dinner, they’re designed to be easy to serve and reheat.


Each Take & Go Meal is designed to feed 4-5 people.


Is There a Charge?

Meals are generously funded by our Angel Network of donors as a ‘pay it forward’ program. If you’d like to become an ‘angel’ and donate towards the program, you’re welcome to do so.

Our ‘Angel Network’ generously donate to fund the meals.

There is no charge to the families in need. All donations of any denomination are welcome.


How Can You Become an Angel Donor?

1. PAY IT FORWARD by making a donation. A $40 suggested donation to fund one meal, but any contribution is welcome. Angel donors can select a specific family to receive their donation, or they can have their donation be anonymous to benefit any family that calls with to order a meal.

The Angel contributions will allow us to keep funding the program.

2. Become a Delivery Volunteer.  Join our list of volunteers to deliver meals.


How Does The Program Work?

Know a family that needs a meal?

Call us to nominate them, order a meal and schedule a pickup.

How Do I Nominate a Family?

1. Call us to nominate a family to receive a Mamma’s Care Package.

2. Select an entrée.

3. Schedule your pickup time.

That’s it!

Meals are available to pick up ONLY with advance notice.

Our restaurant is closed Monday and Tuesday; however, meals are easy to reheat.

We can provide pickup options on Sunday with reheating instructions.


What are the Menu Options?

Our Entrée selections are Inspired by Recipes from the American Institute for Cancer Research ( ) and designed to provide nutritional support for cancer patients undergoing chemo treatment.

Additionally, we’ve curated our entrée selections to be easy to freeze and reheat.

1. Entrée Selections

Chicken Parmigiana Our signature house made chicken cutlets topped with marinara, mozzarella and oven baked

Chicken Romano Chicken Sauteed with Garlic, Broccoli, white wine, butter & Romano cheese

Pasta with Meatballs Homemade Meatballs simmered in our house marinara sauce

Mac & Cheese with Broccoli Homemade Cavatappi pasta tossed with broccoli, a special four cheese blend sauce and topped with buttery panko crumbs

Pasta Primavera Pasta tossed with fresh vegetables simmered in a light cream sauce

Chicken Cacciatore Sautéed with peppers, onions & mushrooms in a marinara sauce

Chicken Marsala Chicken sauteed in Marsala wine, prosciutto, butter & broccoli

Chicken Picatta Chicken sauteed in a light lemon caper sauce

Chicken Amici Chunks of tender chicken tossed with fresh vegetables, light cream and pesto

All meals are served with a Chef’s Choice of Pasta, A Garden Salad and a Loaf of Italian Bread.


2.  Let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions.  Meals can be modified to accommodate dietary restrictions.

3. Schedule a pickup time.

Donations are for meals for cancer patients & their caregivers.

Please only order for families that meet our program requirements. 

How Can I Become an Angel Donor?

1. Make a Donation

2. Nominate a Family.

3.  Spread the Word by following us on social media & liking/sharing our posts

Can I Donate Online?

Just go to
“online payment”.
Enter the amount you wish to contribute in the "Mamma's Care Package Donation" row. We will use your contribution to make more meals

How Do I Nominate a Family to Receive a Care Package?

Call us to nominate a loved one to receive a meal.

All meals are made to order so call ahead and are limited in quantity due to donations.

Let us know how we can help by speaking to one of our Mamma’s Care Angel Coordinators.


What Info Do I Need to Nominate a Family?

1. Family’s name, address & contact phone.

2. Date of Delivery/Pickup Request Time (*).

3. Entrée Selection (see list above).


(*) Advance ordering is required.

Donations fund the meals therefore limited quantities are available and we reserve the right to restrict quantities.


Can I Order Online?

Unfortunately, online ordering is not yet available.


Still Have Questions or Need to Speak to Us?

Call us!  508.376.2026.


Our offices are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Call us before Sunday evening at 5PM to ensure we can service your order.


Thank you,

The Primavera Family




20 Pleasant Street

Millis, MA 02054